Welcome to my site.

This is where i publish blog post from my Outreachy internship.

It’s quite simple here, so you’ll most likely find inspiration to apply for open source internships –because you can make it– or just find out some more about how the internship is going for me.

Blog posts

Who Can Work With Public Lab?

So the next thing in your list of goals include starting to contribute to another open source project? Or perhaps it will be your first time ever giving it a try? Or still possible you are preparing for a role or internship with open source communities. Whichever the case, this post will let you knowContinue reading “Who Can Work With Public Lab?”

Everybody Struggles.

Everybody struggles, yeah, and i have had my fair share of struggles since the past weeks of my internship. In this blog, i’m going to write briefly about one of the struggles i have overcame recently. And my hope is that it helps some other person to realize that their own struggles are normal andContinue reading “Everybody Struggles.”

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